Marketing An Online Business
Getting The Desired Results

Marketing an online business cannot be left to chance. So many people think that all you need to do is put a website up and you're in business!

Yes, you do need a website but this is only the first step in marketing online.

So ..... my aim for this section is to boil down the tons of information out there into simple, easy to follow chunks so that you come away with:

  • a clear picture of what is involved in marketing your business online and more importantly

  • what you need to do to develop and implement your own online strategy

The basic principles for marketing online are no different to marketing a "regular bricks and mortar business".

marketing an online business Marketing An Online Business

We all go into business to make money. We don't always want to admit it but it's true.

In order to do that we sell a product or service. Any marketing strategy is about identifying a customer/buyer, attracting and satisfying customer and ultimately, keeping the customer ie turning them into a repeat customer.

The difference comes down to the tools we use to attract those customers.

Location, Location, Location

When setting up a "bricks and mortar" business, you would look for the best location possible. One with lots of traffic ie passersby. But that isn't enough.

You'd have to develop and implement a marketing strategy to get those passersby into your store and turn them into customers.

When marketing an online business, you get your passersby ie traffic through other methods. That is where your marketing strategy comes in.

Your Website is the Equivalent of Your "Shop Front".

Ever been window shopping and then you end up buying something even though you had no intention of buying anything?

Wby is that? The reason is that the store was presented in such an inviting fashion that you just couldn't resist the temptation!

Well, when building your own website the "Look and Feel" of your website should have the same affect on your visitors as the store window had on you.

But that isn't enough. You then need to start driving traffic to your site using various strategies and tools with the ultimate aim of turning your visitors into a customers- just like in a "bricks and mortar" business.

Similarities ... Yes ... The Same ... No

Well, while there are lots of similarities, marketing for the web is very different to marketing in the traditional way.

The way we write for the web is very different to the way we market a conventional businesses. In addition, internet marketing is far more interactive than conventional marketing and response times to marketing strategies are quicker.

The use of technology such as opt-in boxes, internet forums, blogging and social networking and online shopping has also had a major impact on marketing an online business.

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