Use Facebook Marketing To Explode Your Traffic

Have you included Facebook Marketing in your overall online marketing strategy? If not, you are missing out on millions and millions of potential customers.

Most people know Facebook as a place where you "meet", post photos and messages and socialize.

Facebook can be a very effective tool to promote your website or business.

But did you know that Facebook, as the biggest social networking site on the web, is a cost-effective way of raising awareness and promoting your business?

Another advantage to using Facebook to promote your business is that it is very easy to target customers based on interests, age and country of origin.

Keep It Friendly And Casual But Professional

Remember .... Facebook is a social networking tool so people communicate in a friendly and casual manner.

At the same time, it's important that you present your business in a professional manner.

Facebook Marketing Approach

Even if you are "marketing" your business using Facebook, use it, first and foremost, to develop a relationship with potential customers.

Avoid the "hard-sell" and let your visitors see the humane side of your business.

Once you've built the relationship, you can then direct them to your site, where you make the sale.

Keep Your Business and Personal Profiles Separate

I know that some people would prefer to manage one profile on Facebook rather than having two. So how can this be achieved if you alrady have a personal profile?

This can easily be achieved by separating your personal profile from your business by creating a Facebook Page or Facebook Group within your current profile.

Then change your security so that only your friends (and possibly their friends) are able to access your personal information and your potential customers can access your business information only.

Advantages of Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages can be seen by anyone and everyone even if they don't have a profile on Facebook.

In addition, they have a custom URL. Pages are indexed by Google and you can get visitor statistics.

In addition, you can:

  • host discussions
  • add extra applications
  • message members via their news feed
  • share videos and photos
  • create related events
  • promote your Page with Facebook Ads

Disadvantages of Facebook Pages

You can only invite new people to join manually ie there are no bulk invites.

Advantages of Facebook Groups

You can send out bulk invites to friends who can also then invite their friends

You can:
  • host discussions
  • message members via a private message
  • share photos and videos


  • Groups can only be seen by fans
  • Pages are NOT indexed by Google
  • You would need to use a longtail URL

So Which Do You Choose?

Deciding whether to choose a Page or a Group as your Facebook Marketing strategy depends very much on what you are trying to achieve.

Facebook Pages are better for creating long term relationships and Groups are better for viral marketing but not necessarily gaining repeat for long term followers.