Entrepreneur Success

Most people think that entrepreneur success stories are restricted solely to the Richard Bransons and Donald Trumps of this world! Is that what you think too? Well, I'm here to dispel that myth.

But I'll let you into a little secret. I thought so too ... until not so long ago.

I was attending a workshop when one of the presenters referred to herself AND the audience as entrepreneurs. Well, she was definitely an entrepreneur and over a number of years had successfully established herself as an expert in her field.

starting-an-online-businessEntrepreneur Success

But how could she be referring to us, the audience, as entrepreneurs? I knew that I wasn't running a major corporation or employing thousands of people (neither did I have any intention of doing so) nor was anyone else in the room.

After giving it some thought, I realised that being classed as an entrepreneur has nothing to do with the size of the business but relates to the type of person you are. Things like mindset, personality traits and whether you've got what it takes.

Now, I know that we are all different and and the way we approach things may be different, but the information provided in this section will really get you focused on what you want to achieve and then it'll keep you on track.

Knowing what you want and and putting a plan in place will ensure you get where you want to go, when you want to. It'll also save you buckets of time (and heartache).

Wait and see how great you'll feel when you succeed!