An Email Marketing Strategy
My Top 10 Tips

Implementing an email marketing strategy is a cost effective way of building your brand, creating market awareness and increasing your market share.

Make sure that you are very clear on the purpose of using email as a strategy as well as the desired outcome you are seeking before you start formulating your campaign.

Are you promoting a specific event or are you intending to sell a particular product? Based on this information, you'll be able to develop an effective marketing campaign.

Your email marketing strategy will only be classed as a success if it achieves the desired outcome ie you meet your sales targets.

The following tips will assist you in developing a successful email marketing campaign.

Tip #1 - Target Your Market

Before you even start with developing your content, know who your target market is and make sure your mailing list is current and relevant.

It's not the number of emails you send out but rather the quality of your list.

Tip #2 - Avoid SPAM

Have you wondered why you're not getting the response you wanted from an email marketing campaign? It could well be that your subject line contains too many SPAM-related words such "Cheap, Free, Limited Time" to name a few.

I would also strongly recommend that you stay away from using a Yahoo or Hotmail email address as spam filters often block them.

Tip #3 - Choose An Easily Recognisable Email Address

When running a business you want to make sure that you project a professional image. This you can done by using either your name or your company's name. Avoid email addresses such as "abc123".

Tip #4 - Be Credible

I don't know about you, but when an email hits my inbox which promises me $5,000 for 2 hours' work, I just hit the delete button! Rather under promise and over deliver.

Tip #5 - Create an Enticing Subject Line

Creating an enticing subject line is a critical part of any email marketing campaign. You only have a limited amount of space in the subject line to create a bit of excitement which will result in your email being opened.

Tip #6 - Avoid Bombarding Your List

Some online marketers seem to think that a good email marketing strategy consists of unlimited emails. Not true! Try and find a happy medium. I know that this can be difficult especially when you are new at internet marketing.

Too many emails could put your readers off.

On the other hand, the number of emails in any one campaign will depend on what you are trying to achieve.

Reminders for an upcoming event may justify more frequent emails especially closer to the event.

Tip #7 - Personalise Your Communications

Personalizing your emails with your recipient's name and your own name and contact details will give your email a personal touch. People also feel more confident when they have the sender's address in case they want to contact them.

Tip #8 - Provide Value

It's not enough for someone to open your email ... you want them to read it and to take action. This is achieved by providing value in the form of a special offer or information.

Give your reader an incentive to read on. The benefit (the "What's In It For Me") of what you are selling must be evident in your email.

Tip #9 - Keep It Short

Your email doesn't have to be long. If you choose a short email you can direct your reader to a landing page via a link in the email which will give them more information and the sales pitch.

Remember to include a link to your website. This serves two purposes: it gives your reader the opportunity to learn more about you and it increases traffic to your website.

Tip #10 - Test and Measure

Create a system to test and measure your results. This will give the opportunity of fine-tuning your email marketing strategy to ensure maximum results.