eBay Selling Advice

eBay selling advice. How much would you be prepared to pay to get the best advice on starting a business on eBay?

Don't worry ... that's just a hypothetical question. I'm going to give you my top ebay sellings tips for free!

Give yourself the best chance of success.
Don't run before you can crawl.

  1. Sell Things From Around The House
  2. Please don't ignore this piece of eBay selling advice as this is the very best way to start selling on eBay. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to start earning some extra cash almost immediately but more importantly you can learn the ropes without it costing a cent!

    You'd be really surprised how many things you have around the house that you've been keeping for a rainy day. Does that sound like you? Well, now's the perfect time to gather them up to sell on eBay.

  3. Build Your Feedback
  4. eBay is built on the feedback system.

    Both the seller and the buyer can leave feedback. By reviewing a seller's feedback, a potential buyer can have the confidence that they are buying from a reputable and ethical seller.

    Put yourself in the buyer's shoes ... when bidding on an item you want to have the confidence that you are buying from an reliable seller. On the other hand, the seller also wants to be confident that they'll be paid. This is the role of the feedback system.

    Statistics show that there is a direct correlation between positive feedback and the final selling price ie sellers with lots of positive feedback get better prices for their items.

  5. Undertake Research
  6. One of the most important bits of eBay selling advice I can give you is to do your research. I know I've mentioned doing research in another article in this section, but I can't stress the importance of research enough.

    None of the other tips I've given you here will matter if you're not doing your research.

    Please don't start investing your hard-earned cash in products until you have done this step.

  7. Photograph Your Items
  8. Statistics show that listings with photos sell better than those without.

    "A picture paints a thousand words"

    When people are buying on line the only way they can actually get a "feel" for the item you're selling is through pictures.

    Including a number of pictures in your listing will help your potential buyer visualise what it is they are buying and it'll also give them the confidence that the item is in good condition and is actually what they're looking for.

  9. Title
  10. Every listing has a title. It can be up to a maximum of 55 characters. Take advantage and use your entitlement. This is how your buyers will find you.

    Only use words that people generally use when searching for a product eg Baby Mixed Items Bundle Size Sz 000 New Pumpkin Patch. These are all words that are "searchable".

    Avoid using words such as "WOW", "Look" as these are items that potential buyers would not use when searching on eBay (or the internet for that matter).

  11. Listing Description
  12. This is where you can use your words to describe your item in more detail. Your description together with your photos "paints the picture" for your potential buyer.

    Important here to include a few points about how your customer will benefit from buying your product. This can be done by turning the features of the product into a benefit. For example: having a baby high chair made out of plastic makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic.

  13. Always Be Honest
  14. Remember I was talking about credibility?

    Well, the only way you will become known as a credible and ethical seller is by being honest.

    That doesn't mean that you can't sell things with defects. I've sold things that have had a few marks on them or the colour's been faded. The difference is: I identified where the defects were, included pictures where possible and left it up to the buyer to make the decision. They can then choose whether they want the item or not.

When writing this article, I actually asked myself which tip I would consider as the best ebay selling advice (and the most important) I was given when I started out. While they're all important, to me the tip about honesty is defnitely the most important.