eBay Home Business

Is an eBay home business a real business?

I know that some people think that eBay is a place to sell second hand items or where you go when you want to find a bargain.

This is only partly true ...

There are also lots of people selling brand new products and having an eBay business today has become very, very big business.

How Did eBay Come About?

Lots of Potential

One of the first items sold on eBay in 1995 was a broken laser pointer.

The owner of eBay couldn't believe it, but it was bought by a collector!

In September, 1998 eBay went public and the founders became instant billionaires!

Today, eBay is the biggest online marketplace in the world.

A Few Facts And Figures

As at 31 March, 2010:

  • eBay Inc has a global presence in 39 markets including the US
  • There are approximately 233 million active users worldwide
  • In the second quarter of 2010, net revenue from the various eBay sites totalled $1.39 billion!

Did You Know?


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  • 30,000 fashion items are sold every day on eBay
  • 2,000 bids are placed on antiques and artwork every hour
  • a piece of woman's clothing sells every 18 seconds
  • at any given moment eBay is conducting about 12 million auctions across 18,000 different categories!
  • The most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a private business jet for $4.9 million!

And yes, most eBay sellers are ordinary people just like you and me.

Changed your mind about eBay?

Now can you see the potential in having an eBay home business?

And the great thing is, many of the people selling on eBay are amateurs so there's lots of scope for someone professional and serious about starting an online business.

I have dedicated this whole section to starting an eBay business.

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