Creating A Blog
Is It Right For Your Business?

Is creating a blog the best way for you to build a profitable, long-term online business?.

I suppose the answer to that question very much depends on the kind of business you intend building.

A trend over the last few years has developed where many people are using a blog to build an e-business. Why? Mainly because it's easy and cheap to set up.

But does that mean that it is the right way to go about it?

A word of caution ... easy and cheap is not really the ideal basis for making a decision. You'll probably find that in the long run it'll cost you more. Take it from someone who knows! I managed a few IT projects where "cheap and easy" were the selection criteria. It doesn't work!

The question you need to ask yourself is:
"Will a blog sustain my business long-term?"

Know Your Purpose

Asking yourself the following questions before you actually invest time and effort. It'll save you money and lots of heartache!

  1. Are you wanting to build a theme-based site like this one or do you just want keep people up-to-date with the latest news/events?
  2. Do you want a long term business?
  3. How much time do you want to spend on your website once it has been set up?

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Creating a blog (short for "blogweb") is great and is ideal for recording events as you would with an ordinary diary - and that was actually the original purpose of a blog.

Creating a blog is also great for:

  1. news-orientated sites where the aim is to provide your visitors with the latest news or "thought of the day". This would involve constantly releasing information on your topic, the latest news and commentary.
  2. organizations who wish to keep the public (or their staff) informed and to improve communication.
  3. individuals who wish to keep people up-to-date on specific events.

Blogs are also great used in conjunction with a profitable website where you want to provide your visitors with newsy items or keep them up-to-date with new additions to your site.

The Verdict

When I set out on this journey I thought of creating a blog for my business. However, after extensive research, I decided to invest in a fully-fledged website. Why?

  1. I discovered that the search engines favour websites over blogs - and what's a website worth if you don't have traffic?

  2. If I chose a blog, there would be additional costs for plug-ins and add-ons to get my blog up and running.

  3. I'd have to do my own upgrades and I'm not a techo.

  4. I'd have to constantly be adding information to keep my blog relevant and up-to-date - and that is definitely not what I wanted.

  5. I wanted to be able to arrange my conent logically, dividing the theme into appropriate categories - with a blog the entries appear chronologically.

  6. Support and advice was crucial to me as I didn't have a clue on how to go about building a website. I knew that from a free software package I wouldn't get the help I so desperately needed.

Does this sound like you? If it does, then building a website is probably your best bet.