Best Selling Items On eBay ... What Are They?

What are the best selling items on eBay? Well, that is the million dollar question. There is no quick answer.

Finding the best selling items on eBay is not difficult
.... it does take time and effort.

What To Sell On eBay

I once read an article that said "finding the right product to sell on eBay was just trial and error!" Wrong!

Selling on eBay is like any normal business.

Just like any bricks and mortar business you need to do your research and you need to develop a business plan. eBay is no different.

So how should you go about finding items to sell on eBay that'll ensure your success?

My 5 Top Tips

  1. Sell What Your Buyer Wants Not What You Want

  2. I know it's very tempting when you like something you think that everyone else will like it too. The problem is .... people have different tastes and different wants and needs. Their motivation for buying something may not be your motivation.

  3. Research, Research, Research

  4. Research what is currently being sold on eBay. You'll be amazed when you start researching what sells and what doesn't.

    Knowing that 30,000 fashion items sell on eBay every day is not enough.

    You need to drill down and find out which type of clothing sells .... whether it's jeans, a top, a dress etc, the brand (certain brand names sell better than others), the colour, size etc. Yes, it's time consuming but it'll be really worth it.

    There's no point having great products that don't sell.

    Take it from me, this is exerience talking. I bought fantastic products, loved them but they didn't sell.

  5. Work Out The Average Selling Price

  6. Research the average selling price. It's always best to base your calculations on the average selling price as this is more realistic. If, when the time comes, you get a better price that's an added bonus

  7. Buy Low, Sell High

    Just like real estate, you make money when you go in, not when you sell. So it's really important to:

    • know the average price on eBay for your chosen product
    • how much can buy your product for

    • how much you'll be able to sell it for ie your profit.

  8. Find Out Who Your Competition Is

    It's important to know who is selling the same product and how many sellers there are. Even though a product may be great, it's better to sell one that has li competition.

And that, in a nutshell, is how you find the best items to sell on eBay.