Use Article Marketing Strategy
To Explode Your Traffic

Implementing a well-thought out article marketing strategy is a really good way of increasing traffic to your site ... and the beauty is ... a quality article continues working for you long after it has been written.

This article looks at how I go about writing articles.

By following these steps I found that I got the "biggest bang for my buck" .. the impact of my email marketing strategy on my site was far beyond my expectations for relatively little work and no cost. And time is money!

  1. Site Concept. All my articles relate to my site concept.

    I choose a specific topic on my website eg how to make a website and then I write an article that compliments this page.

  2. Content. While I write articles that are value packed, I try to leave my readers wanting more ... and that is when they come to my site.
  3. Relevancy. I make sure that the content is relevant and that it relates to my target audience.

  4. Title. It's really important that your title describes your article content.

    Sometimes an article evolves and the title bares little or no resemblance to the article when you're finished!

    I always go back, check my title and make changes, if required.

  5. Keywords. Have you asked yourself the question .... "How will visitors find my site?"

    An article without relevant keywords is worthless.

    When I write an article, I always use the same keywords that I used for the related article on my site.

    I've already researched these and know the level of demand there is for these keywords.

  6. Scanability. People are busy and some haven't the patience to read an entire article .... so formating your article properly, is critical.

    I use short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet points and numbering which makes it easy to scan.

  7. Links. The purpose of writing an article is to increase traffic to your site and to get back links. You do this by inserting links into your article.

    So if you exclude links you're actually defeating the whole purpose of your article marketing strategy.

  8. Resource Box. There are so many articles I have come across on the web that are anonymous or don't have a resource box.

    Build credibility using a Resource Box.

    The Resource Box at the bottom of my article allows me to tell the reader a bit about myself which gives my article more credibility.

    It also gives me the opportunity of including two links: one to the Home Page of my site and the other to the specific topic I have chosen.

Follow these steps when imlementing your email marketing strategy and you'll be well on your way to increasing traffic to your site and ultimately your success.

Please contact me and let me know how you went.